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ultra red

united states| 2023 | 95 min | english
genre | Sci-fi, action, features

Shortly before unexpectedly ceasing transmission, a rover on Mars captures video footage of a seemingly ominous life form. As NASA scrambles to build an investigative team, they are forced to secure the help of the rover's designer, former NASA engineer turned convicted criminal Jack Walker. With Jack along to repair and relaunch the rover, the team takes a long journey to the red planet. Their discovery of a mysterious, yet non-threatening box on the planet’s surface causes deeply buried emotions to bubble up and things get violent. As crew members begin to fall, the others struggle to survive and make it back to Earth, truly ignorant of the terrifying power of their additional cargo.

cast and crew

Director - Michael Fredianelli

writer - Francisco Angel

cast - Maralynn Adams

september 30th

3:00 PM

kemper center founder's hall

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