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lake michigan monster

United States | 2018 | 78 min | english
genre | Fantasy, Sci-fi, comedy, features

The eccentric Captain Seafield hires a crew of specialists to help him plot revenge against the creature that killed his father. After several failed attempts, Seafield is forced to take matters into his own drunken hands. What began as a simple case of man verses beast, soon turns into a rabbit hole of mysterious unknowns and Lovecraftian hijinks. Lake Michigan Monster -- banned in four lakes!

cast and crew

Director - Ryland Tews

writer - Ryland Tews,

Mike Cheslik

Producer - Ryland Tews, Mike Cheslik,

Sebastian Johnson

cast - Ryland Tews, Erick West,

Beulah Peters, Daniel Long,

Wayne Tews


september 30th

7:15 PM | Movie on the Lawn

kemper center field

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