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The Port of Fear Film Festival celebrates everything horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and thriller. We are working to bring awareness to the burgeoning Midwest film industry, including up and coming artists, while simultaneously inviting new audiences to come and explore downtown Kenosha. Our aim is to highlight local businesses as well as the local arts community.
We hope to inspire those in our community, especially adolescents and young adults, to get involved in film and the arts. We believe the arts are crucial to help us express ourselves and what our communities represent. Our 48 Hour “5 Minute Horrors” challenge for university and high school students helps foster creative expression and build teamwork skills. These films will be featured in the opening block of the festival, free to the community to enjoy. This is also an excellent opportunity for students to meet and interact with local filmmakers, building a stronger connection with the next generation of filmmakers in Southeastern Wisconsin, and opening up opportunities for students to connect and work with our burgeoning film community.
Our mission is to bring our community together through the arts. We believe that without the arts we lose our culture. By working with artists, filmmakers,writers,  and students we can engender a new passion for artistic expression right here in Kenosha, WI. All it takes is a good story, the right minds (and in our case, a good scare), and we can change our community for the better.
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