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mercifully made me your own

united states| 2023 | 9 min | english
genre |horror, thriller, fantasy, 48 hour, shorts

What happens when you pass something down to your kids that you had hoped would die with you? In "Mercifully Made Me Your Own", all you can do is your best, even if this curse turns them into something you wished they'd never become.

cast and crew

Director - Loki Ferno, William Kaftan

writer - Loki Ferno, William Kaftan,

Zach Lathen-Williams, Ethan VDH

producer - Life, Like Camera

cast - Luca Clesceri, Shannon Odwyer,

William Kaftan, Jacie Griffith,

Joezlyn Torres


October 1st

2:30Pm | wisconsin 48 Hr shorts block

kemper center founder's hall

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