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After, etc.

Australia | 2022| 15 min | English
genre | horror, Suspense, student, Shorts

After the death of her friend a year prior, a still grieving Dolores follows the advice of her mother to visit Madame Cozbi, a spiritual medium. Although initially skeptical of the process, Dolores quickly ends up believing that she is confronting the spirit of her dead friend. Just before the session reaches its climactic moment with her seeing her dead friend, they are abruptly interrupted, causing Dolores to make the decision to flee rather than continuing to deliberately choose to be put under that intense traumatic pressure again. She is left to wonder whether what she experienced was real, continuing on with her life without the closure she sorely needs.

cast and crew

Director - Austin Ross

Writer - Austin Ross

Producer - Meg Walch

Cast -Izabella Measham-Park,

Tania Knight, Indiana Petrov 


September 30th

5:30 PM | International shorts block

Kemper Center FOunder's Hall 

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