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Melchoir the apothecary

estonia| 2022 | 138 min | estonian
genre | thriller, fantasy, period, features

In medieval Tallinn a famous knight is murdered. Melchior the Apothecary is ordered to investigate the crime. The clever young man discovers that the murdered knight was looking for a mysterious "Prisoner of Tallinn" and clues lead to the Dominican monastery. A terrible series of crimes is unleashed. Anyone who comes into contact with this secret is in danger.

cast and crew

Director - Elmo Nüganen

writer - Elmo Nüganen, indrek hargla,

olle mirme

producer - Taska Film,

Nafta Films, Hansafilm

Apollo Film Productions

cast - Märten Metsaviir,

maarja johanna magi


October 1st


kemper center gymnasium

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