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good guy with a gun

United States | 2022| 111 min | english
genre | Thriller, features

Will Greenwood, a Chicago teenager forced to come to terms with his father's violent death, visits a small town and finds solace in a group of local kids. When the town bully threatens Will’s new friend, how far will he go to protect him...especially with a gun? It is a coming of age drama where young men and guns come crashing together.

cast and crew

Director - John Mossman

writer - John Mossman

Producer - Kevin Kenneth Cooper,

DeAnna Marie Cooper

cast - Tiffany Bedwell,

David Pasquesi, Joe Swanberg,

Ian Barford, Elizabeth Laidlaw,

Dan Waller, John LaFlamboy,

Beck Nolan



October 1st

11:00 AM

Kemper Center gymnasium

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