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united states | 2022| 60 min | English
genre | animated, experimental, horror, feature

a man suffering from a terminal disease, known  as “The Professor”, by a twist of fate witnesses an incredible event involving his mysterious neighbor, Agatha. Hoping to find a cure to his sickness, he agrees to follow her on a strange and risky journey into a forgotten, but not entirely deserted, urban wasteland.

cast and crew

Director - Roland Becerra,

Kelly Bigelow Becerra

Writer - Roland Becerra,

Kelly Bigelow Becerra

Producer - Roland Becerra,

Kelly Bigelow Becerra

Cast -Emily Joyce-Dial,

Ryan Whiting, Erin McDonough,

Lauren Mascali, Nathan Lewis



October 1st

10:00 AM

Kemper Center FOunder's Hall 

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