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from the shadows

United States | 2023| 89 min | english
genre | horror, thriller, supernatural, features

When eighteen followers and Dr. Joseph Cawl (Bruce Davison) the enigmatic leader of the mysterious followers of HIDDEN WISDOM die in a mysterious fire, five young survivors suspected of igniting the blaze contact paranormal debunker, Amara Rowan (Selena Anduze), to uncover the truths behind the fire and the mysterious disappearance of Cawl’s partner, Dr. Leonard Bertram (Keith David) …Cult? Conspiracy? Or something unseen? And is Amara the next victim?

cast and crew

Director - Mike Sargant

writer - Michael Kuciak

Producer - Michael Alden

Cast - Keith David, Bruce Davison,

Selena Anduze



October 1st


Kemper Center gymnasium

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