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The Eucharist

Lithuania | 2022 | 6 min | SILENT
genre | horror, shorts

Simonas is stranded on an island. Due to his lack of survival skills, Simonas' physical hunger begins to control his mind. Consumed by madness Simonas gives into his urges and eats his child’s corpse.

cast and crew

Director - Walter Bender

writer - Walter Bender,

Gintarė Ilginytė

producer - Donatas Baltrušaitis,

Emilis Velyvis, Paul Nethercott,

Inesa Kurklietyte

cast - Emilis Velyvis,

Vilnė Abukevičiūtė


september 30th

5:30 PM | international shorts block

Kemper Center founder's hall

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