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The 5 Minute Horrors and Other Student Short Films 

Students from Indian Trail academy participated in a 48 hour challenge to complete their own 5 minute horror films. Racine Video Production also partnered with Port of Fear to do a workshop with UW-Parkside, to help students make additional films. Parkside students then created their own film. Enjoy these terrifying tales from right here in Kenosha and Racine, WI.

5 minute horrors.png

Parallel Minds 1h 26min

In the near future, an A.I. called URM is investigated by a detective and researcher for a lab about to release a contact lens with the power to record what the eye can see to recreate memories.

11:00AM                                                  TRAILER
Parallel Minds Poster.JPG

Just Keep Telling Yourself, They're Only Shorts - 1h 40min

Shorts from across the USA, featuring Zombies, disembodied hearts, all the reasons to not swipe right, and all the reasons to get off this planet!(Featuring: Coming of Age, What I Did For Love, Stay Calm, The Greeting, Phantom Heart, Pantomime's Tragedy, and Love Me Tinder)

horror shorts group-01_edited.png

Reed's Point 1h 17min

A vehicle crash in the Pine Barrens leads to a missing teen which raises conspiracy theories about the infamous Jersey Devil legend. On the anniversary of the crash, Sarah Franklin, convinced her cousin Kelsey is alive, goes out to the crash site with Alex, Kelsey's boyfriend, to investigate. Things go downhill quickly as Sarah and Alex uncover what really lurks in the woods.

12:40PM                                                  TRAILER
Reeds Point Poster.JPG

Pandemic of Fears - International Shorts 1h 7min

Featuring films from Spain, Italy, Australia, and Canada. These films answer the questions of what goes bump in the night, what happens when your worst fear becomes reality, did the devil make you do it, and should you answer that knocking at the door.  (Featuring: 665, Mists, Grounded, La Veillee, That Halloween, Stuck, and Rose and Gin)

international shorts group-01_edited_edited.png

All Your Friends Are Dead 1h 33min

After making the drastic decision to end his life, Matt Wilbee writes an email alerting his estranged high school friends that he will be saying goodbye for good at the camping grounds where they've gathered in the past. Matt's friends arrive just in time to save his life... but little do they know, a deranged masked killer is lurking in the woods, ready to pick them off one by one.

2:10PM                                                    TRAILER

Is That a Knife, or are You Just Happy to See Me? - Thriller Shorts 1h

Feel uneasy with that person watching you? See the screwdriver? Think you can escape? Only one way to find out...(Featuring: Care, Screw Driver, Before You Wake, and You Will See US)

thriller shorts group-01_edited_edited_edited.png

Cackles and Screams- Comedy and Haunting Shorts 1h 55min

Sometimes when you're scared, all you can do is laugh...9 Films to test how how funny it is when you're trapped with a ghost...or worse...(Featuring: Mr. Mops, Slurp, Experience the World, Apocalypse The: Part I, Cook with the Heart, 7 Minutes in Hell, The Curse of Stone Hill, The Terrible Old Woman, and Ghost Trippers)

comedy shorts groups 1_2-01.png

I Dream of a Psychopomp 1h 20min

A widower haunted by the distressed ghost of his recently deceased wife is visited in his dreams by a psychopomp who teaches him about the spirit world and soul guiding through stories of death and the supernatural.

5:45PM                                                   TRAILER

Valentine Crush 1h 5min

A roller derby woman gets in a little over her head when she meets her number one fan.

6:25PM                                                   TRAILER

Fear is HERE: Local Horror Shorts 1h 21min

Little did you know these terrifying tales came from your own backyard...Welcome to the PORT OF FEAR...

local short group-01_edited_edited.png

They Crawl Beneath 1h 20min

Danny and his Uncle Bill (Michael Pare) are working on an old car in their garage when an earthquake hits!! Danny is trapped underneath the car and creatures come out of the cracks in the ground and terrorize him!

They Crawl Beneath.jpg
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